About Us

Oasis Badminton Club is one of the longest standing clubs in Reading. It was started over 30 years ago and is still going strong.

We are proud to say that the club has that community feel with a lot of competitiveness. Our players are in divisions 1-2-3 for Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Men’s Doubles. We enjoy playing badminton competitively and encourage each other to get better. Many of us here are really badminton junkies, we would play 7 days a week if work and family didn’t get in the way.

The club plays at a competitive level in the Reading Badminton League.  In addition, we hold an annual club tournament for the cup & shields which is also a great practice event for the forthcoming season.

We are also quite a social bunch as well, outside badminton we arrange nights out, meals, BBQ, events such as All England event to name just a few. We definitely know how to show you a good time.

Membership Information

Additional Information about membership & fees can be found here.

Guest Fee – Is only £7 and up to 4 sessions if you would like to try us out. It will give us both a chance to make an assessment on suitability.

Annual fee is £180. This will be invoiced quarterly @ £60 per quarter starting from 1st August 2021 with the May quarter (Summer period) being included in the 3 quarters and no fee is due.

Badminton England and Berkshire County & Club affiliation Fee is £20  per year.  This will be added to august quarter fee.

Juniors & Students is 50% discount.

Match Fee  – £7 per match (Home or Away) and if playing a match on a club night it’s 50% discount.

News and Updates

News and Updates